The Hunt

The Golden Key

The Hunt

How to play

From 11.30am on the day, you can get started in The Hunt

In advance, you can interact with Clessa and see the book online via

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The Hunt

For puzzlers, code-breakers and seekers of hidden treasure, The Hunt is a treasure hunt for real. It’s a search for the Heart of the City, called by a dragon: Clessa.

Think you stand a chance at solving the puzzle? Follow Clessa now on Twitter or Instagram to start decoding her clues.

You’ll need the book to get started. London’s Assorted Mythologies and Enigmas in Rhyme. The book contains all the clues you need to find the place and the shape of the new Heart of the City - as well as where to begin The Hunt on the day…

The Hunt will lead you across the Square Mile with your smartphone on your mission to find the Heart of the City. If you make it to the end, you’ll find yourself presented with a map to make your best guess at the place of the Heart…

Everyone who then has placed the Heart - right or wrong - will then receive an invitation for a ceremony happening at the end of the day in a top-secret location. There you'll meet Clessa, and have a chance to answer her final riddle about the Heart itself.

Whoever answers the riddle best, wins the golden key.

Start decoding those clues now!

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