The Maze - Plan your adventure

The Golden Key

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The Maze

Plan your adventure

There are 12 adventures across the City and you won’t be able to do them all. Here are a few tips:

I am here with children and fancy a storytelling adventure

Head to Bank station. There are two adventures starting nearby that have been designed specifically for families. Animals in the City starts at Bloomberg Arcade and The Artful Dodges Again starts in front of the Royal Exchange. Head there and look for the red door.

I am over-18 and am looking for an immersive adventure behind closed doors

Two options. Go to the Tower of London and look for the red door opposite the Visitor Centre to start Share Mile. Alternatively, you can try Epic Investment: a door is hidden in front of the Girdlers’ Company, a few minutes from Moorgate Station.

I am over-14 and up for a musical adventure (and maybe a good dance)

Two doors are waiting for you near Barbican station. Head to St Bartholomew’s Gatehouse if you want to discover the Mysteries of the City, or go to the entrance of the Barbican Estate to be guided by the epic Smashing Rock Sisters.

I am over-12 and like untold stories by diverse voices

Look for the red door in Finsbury Circus Gardens to join Phillis Wheatley Visits London! Alternatively, go to Peter’s Hill and for a walk by the river with the Future Gondolier.

I am a true adventurer and don’t need any tips

Then explore the map, dear friend, and see what tickles your fancy.

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